Meet My Children

My children are the most wonderful gift God has given me. I have four children namely Rose Ann, Guilete, and Fey. They are what I consider as the greatest blessing every parent, and specifically as a mom, could ever wish for. I am totally in love with my children, even now that they have their own lives anymore and are not living with us. I still consider them as my babies, though they never wanted me to call them that way now that they are all grown-ups already. My husband Fin could probably relate to this. Though I know he will not show it, he usually talks about our kids, which signals that he misses them badly. So now, let me introduce to you to my children whom I all love dearly.

Rose Ann

Rose Ann is a chemist. She recently married her long time boyfriend Charlie in an intimate wedding in Toronto. They are renting a condo unit two blocks away from here. They plan to have kids three years from now as they were still pursuing their own careers. While Rose Ann is a top chemist in a pharmaceutical company, Charlie is an engineer who has landed clients from all over the world.


Guilete is my only son. He is a businessman and a budding singer. He has a band named Knapsack. He put up his band, which focuses on alternative rock music, last 2005 with his high school friends. He is also a travel agency owner. He has arranged tours in European countries like Italy, Denmark, France, and even Sweden. In our last dinner, he said he wanted to venture his own business in Asia as he sees a lot of opportunities there. He still does not have a girlfriend and we secretly wish the next time he comes again in our house for a family dinner, he will have someone for us to meet.


Lastly, Fey, my 21 year old daughter,is my youngest. She is quite stubborn. She just moved out of the house because she wanted to prove she can be independent though her brother and sister tease her otherwise. She is currently living in one of Coal Harbour condos in Vancouver.
She is pursuing a degree in journalism and she plans to  apply for a post in The New York Times. If not in the dailies, she said she wants to land a post in a magazine–preferably Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. I would love to see her bylines one day. I will definitely collect all her articles.
So there, thank you for reading about my kids. In my future posts, I will be sharing more about them.

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