Fin and Leonida’s Top 5 Love Songs

I want to share with you our favorite love songs we usually sing in the karaoke during special occasions. These songs are close to our heart and have been part of our love story from the time we met until today that we have three kids, all grown up, and are already retired.

But first, let me tell you how we started as couple. Fin and I met during a fair where me and my friends were hanging out. Fin, who was with his brother Joey, approached our group and they exchange introductions. I was immediately smitten by this man, who is now my husband.

We eventually started dating and five years into the relationship, he proposed to me while at the park. After decades, we are now happily retired couple, enjoying life.

I know a lot of couple has their own love songs but for us, we have five love songs that we keep on singing. Actually, I made a CD compilation of this and we play this during Valentine’s Day and during our wedding anniversary which falls during June 10.

Here it goes:

  1. The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston


2. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston



3. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera



4. Born for You by David Pomeranz



5. Baby, I Love Your Way by Big Mountains


Hope you all enjoyed listening to these songs just as we enjoyed listening to them.

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