My Husband’s Favorite Powertools

Hi! This will be my first blog post and I decided to write about my husband Fin. Fun and I have been living here in our Vancouver home for almost 40 years. I am a retired account and he is a retired engineer.
These days, he loves to do woodworking projects and present me with little gifts he made. Before he gave me a wooden stool then a small table. Just yesterday, he surprised me with a drawer.
Before his new hobby, Fin loves to catch fish every Sunday morning. He drives to the next town to catch some fish and goes home carrying buckets of them for us to eat for the whole week. He is very sweet, you know.
Anyway, I would like to tell you about Fin’s favorite power tools which he got from online shops which accept credit cards.
1. Cordless Drill
This is a must-have when you are into woodworking. Fin said he has never accomplished a project, say a table set or a set of chairs, without using this one.
2. Saw
Having a circular saw will let you cut down a piece of wood into two, or even more. It saves you time if you have this power tool than the usual saw. This is also a must have when you are going to start your wood working tool box set.
3. Electric Sander
This one is his favorite of all. I mean, yeah, how can you finish a project if it isn’t finished off with smooth surfaces? Electric sanders will save you time and energy that using the ordinary sand paper to smoothen a project.

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