My Favorite Spot in the House

My favorite spot in our small yet lovely house is our little garden. My husband, who loves to do woodworking projects, has his workshop a few meters away from the garden so I can see him each time he is working there.

While I can hear the sounds of his electric saw cutting rough wood boards for his next project, I am enjoying making tea and preparing biscuits or cakes every afternoon. By 4 pm, I shall call him for a break and we will share the afternoon in the garden, facing our waterfront, while talking anything and everything under the sun.

What I also love about our garden is that it offers a peaceful vibe. While the flowers, which are different in colors and types soothe our eyes, I love how birds will drop by in some of our trees’ branches and chirp away like it is their playground. Sometimes, I can see people who are passing along our waterfront and then wave at us. I remember a good friend I never saw for almost two years and I invited her for a tea in our garden. She said she was so delighted that I called her because she was actually having a bad day. Good thing I invited her so she felt better with someone to talk to.

I love hearing their sounds as if they were all singing a lovely song for us. During summer almost a decade before, I remember our kids playing at the waterfront and by the garden. Sometimes I will call them out for an afternoon snack. They would end up running towards me in the garden table and quickly grab their favorite biscuits or brownies. I will also prepare fresh fruit juices or smoothies for them, if I have the luxury of time amidst my accounting job.

It’s also fortunate that Fin have a flexible time in his work so we as family have the daily bonding moments some kids do not experience due to their parents’ busy work. I secretly hope one day we get to see our grandchildren playing in this garden, running around, and smiling away as they too enjoy the biscuits and fresh fruit juices I will prepare for them.

Now that we are retired, Fin and I just enjoy each other’s company, together with some of our cats and the mere presence of the flowers, trees, and the birds who are chirping along.



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