Stellar Canadian service from Amazon

Trust me, I don’t love Amazon Prime Canada so much that I would overvalue it. I just think that there is very little on the market that can even compare to the gym yesterday I was on Prime Canada has brought, and I just value good ideas. I don’t care who comes up with them, or how they utilize, as long as it is not free evil, I really do think that Whole Foods being purchased by Amazon is just another sign that Amazon is moving towards domination of the entire Market. In case you don’t know, Whole Foods is America’s most respected and high-end grocery store chain. Now, I know this doesn’t really apply to Amazon Prime Canada, because we don’t have that grocery store, but the future of Amazon Prime Canada, can probably be dictated by the present of the American Amazon Prime. I cast the presence of Amazon Prime Canada, has very much been determined by the not-so-distant past of the American Amazon Prime. Do you know what I mean? Like, for a long time, Amazon Prime Canada users were very upset, and some Canadians even refuse to use Amazon Prime, because Prime video was being made available in the United States and it was not being made available in Canada. That was a thing that has been fully amended, and though it may have been a strategic flaw, you have to believe that there was good reason for it at the time. Even if not, Amazon Prime has more than made up for it with their absolutely stellar Canadian service since.

No questions asked, I recommend Amazon Prime Canada one hundred times over, for ever, for sure. Big fan, and I really do not think that this service is on its way out the door any time soon, either. Get used to it.

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