The opportunities of photography

But, can you imagine if there wasn’t unlimited storage on the cloud? What would happen? I know this is starting to deviate from my established name of camera Filter technology, but I mean, if you really think about it, the world would be pretty hooped if one day the cloud just ran out of space. And, of course, it would be the least fortunate people who were subject to deletions First, even though there were probably all sorts of files of bureaucratic waste tucked away. But, new Inhumans, they would delete the wrong things. By the way, I think this is a pretty good science fiction promise, and I’m going to write it down in my notebook. Anyway, what was I saying about camera filter technology? Oh yeah, that many people are getting cynical in the industry because they feel like too many regular people are creating high-quality images, and it is devaluing their images, and that the general saturation of images on the web makes their presents pointless. I have to disagree with this vehemently. If people are stepping up to the plate, and using their cell phones and the filter apps to create better photography than we are, I have to say that this is a win for the people, and a kick in the ass the industry. Professionals really have to start asking themselves, what exactly are we going to do to raise the bar. What can we do with the resources we have, that people that don’t have as many resources can too. Because, right now, there are actually entire stock photography websites and databases online which only accept cell phone photography, and if you go to them and scan through them, you will see that none of them are necessarily worse and quality than photos taken with cameras that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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